Antalex is a group of companies operating from 2007 and boasting a record of a dependable partner of your business. We strive for more and as we go ahead fast we expand our opportunities in system integration.

Our team includes high-calibre professionals, certified specialists, having many years’ experience and treasuring reputation. Building upon our expertise and experience, we offer best solutions to our partners in any area.

Committed as ever to the basic corporate principles of teamwork, we seek to identify an individual touch for each customer and customize preferences of our clients as accurately as possible, ensuring top quality of the services provided.

Our company offers a broad number of services in information technologies, audio - and video communications and structured cable systems. For the time being, we are trusted as a credible partner of major Russian companies.

A.K. Uchkin
Director General, Antalex
Limited Liability Company

Central Areas of our Business

  • System integration implies development of information, telecommunications and engineer systems. Integration of various systems and equipment. Engineer solutions.
  • Infrastructure solutions imply layout of server rooms, corporate networks, corporate communications, video surveillance, access control, transfer of infrastructure.
  • Integrated supplies of equipment supply of servers, workstations and thin-clients, switching equipment, data storage systems and uninterruptible power sources for server racks and cabinets, software supply and rollout.
  • Information security implies safe web surfing, antiviral and antispam protection, user authentication systems, Internet traffic control, web access partition, VPN protection, Data Leak Prevention (DLP), Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS), Peripheral device and port access control, data backup and encryption.
  • Software solution rollout implies rollout of server systems, system catalogues, virtualization, terminal solutions, clusterization, 1C-based solutions, integration of applications, migration solutions.
  • IT outsourcing implies software technical support, off-premise customer support of computers, server maintenance, corporate communications support, periphery support, outstaffing, corporate website support.

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Institutions - Renaissance Capital, VTB Capital, Deutsche Bank, MFK Bank.
    IT outsourcing, technical support, outstaffing, IT support, remote call centre and e-ticket system, data storage, SCS, VC.
  • Public Sector - Information Technologies Department of Moscow, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Health Care Department of Moscow, Federal State Statistics Service, Federal Tariff Service.
    SCS, LAN, technical support, city and municipal transport mapping, rollout of alarm systems.
  • Energy - OGK-4 (wholesale generation company).
    Remote technical support, SCS.
  • Health Care - health care facilities (outpatient polyclinics, hospitals, etc.).
    Rollout of medical systems (e.g., EMIAS – Unified Medical Information and Analysis System), SCS, LAN.
  • Oil Industry - Ust-Luga Oil Terminal (AK Transneft, OJSC).
    Building, installation and commissioning, dispatch communication, video conferencing, selector communication, telephony, data transfer systems, television network, broadcasting, fire alarm.
  • Education - educational institutions in Moscow.
    Installation and commissioning of projection equipment.
  • Sports Infrastructure - Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Ice Palace in Penza.
    Periphery support, support of 1C software systems, design of coolers for server rooms.
  • Retailing - Auchan, М-Video.
    Technical support, IT outsourcing, supply of switching equipment.
  • Tourism and Hospitality - Strana Travel, Baltschug Kempinski, Hermitage, Eurasia, HELIOPARK Nebug, East Gate.
    Technical support, virtualization of the actual infrastructure, supply of videoconference presentation equipment, digital signage, supply of hotel TV receivers, supply and installation of satellite and interactive TV systems.

Audiovisual Solutions

The Antalex AV team may perform all types of audio - and video works, however difficult:

  • Solutions:
  • - Telemedicine
  • - Situation Room
  • - Conference Halls
  • - Control Rooms
  • - Meeting Rooms
  • - Boardrooms
  • - Ministers’ Offices
  • - Educational Solutions
  • - Interactive booths
  • - Digital Signage
  • Services:
  • - Development of AV solutions
  • - Design
  • - Acoustic design
  • - Fulfillment of projects
  • - Supply of equipment
  • - Installation and commissioning
  • - Post-design works
  • - Warranty maintenance
  • - Technical support

Engineer Systems

The Antalex SCS team provides services to phase in a physical backbone to the building infrastructure allowing to bring together multiple information services of various purpose into a unified system:

  • Layout of Local Computer Systems of any difficulty
  • Installation and Maintenance of Corporate Computer Systems
  • Installation and Maintenance of Structured Cable Systems
  • Electrical Fitting Works of any difficulty
  • Organization of Electrolab Service
  • Installation of Control and Access Control Systems
  • Installation of Security and Fire Alarms
  • Installation of Video Surveillance
  • Anti-Lightning Protection of Buildings

Information Technologies

The Antalex IT team provides a range of services to make technical arrangements for your business:

  • Audit of IT infrastructure
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Layout of IP-telephony dedicated lines
  • Outstaffing
  • Provision of call centre and first line technical support
  • Integrated technical support, IT outsourcing in line with ITIL methodology
  • Installation and set-up of server equipment
  • Cloud solutions
  • Provision of turnkey solutions to maintain and support startup companies
  • Remote video surveillance and remote archive storage
  • Rollout of Microsoft services and open source solutions
  • Customer support of subscribing companies
  • Layout of Data Transfer and Storage Network (NAS)
  • Corporate mail
  • Monitoring and control
  • Making all handled IT systems safe and dependable


Baltschug Kempinski Hotel, Moscow

Baltschug Kempinski is a five-star hotel in central Moscow

Baltschug Kempinski, a de luxe European hotel, is located in the historical centre of Moscow, opposite the Kremlin, Red Square and Cathedral of St.Vasily the Blessed.

  • - Fitting of 10 conference halls
  • - Digital signage
  • - Background sound systems
  • - Audiovisual conferencing
  • - Viewing systems
  • - Control systems


  • - Fitting of Meeting Rooms with projection and videoconferencing systems

Renaissance Capital

  • - IT infrastructure installation, rollout of first line technical support, set-up of a monitoring group for company’s critical services

Auchan Hypermarket

  • - VMware remote support
  • - Installation of videowalls across shopping malls

North Caucasus Development Corporation

  • - AD, ISA, Exchange second line technical support
  • - Layout of information system structure
  • - Selection, sale and installation of peripheral and computer hardware
  • - Installation and set-up of server equipment (router, switch, servers)
  • - Installation and set-up of domain controller, print server and VPN
  • - Organization of backup systems
  • - Installation and set-up of (cluster-type) mail system, file server, corporate antiviral system
  • - Hardware installation, connection and set-up in the telecommunications cabinet

VTB Capital

  • - Hardware and software advice for users
  • - Administration of user applications about troubles with software, hardware and Internet, application registration, prioritization and appointment of a properly skilled expert to handle the troubles (performed by first line support experts)
  • - Incident handling (performed by first line support experts)
  • - Installation and transfer of standard equipment
  • - Installation of standard and supplementary software on computers and other technical devices provided by users
  • - Diagnostics of equipment malfunctions and recovery
  • - User Domain Registration, remote or on-site provision/change/disabling of privileges

EMIAS rollout in Moscow

Unified Medical Information and Analysis System in the city of Moscow.

Over 120 health care facilities handled.

  • - Engagement in the EMIAS governmental programme
  • - Outsourcing of rollout experts Consumer Electronics Store

  • From 2011, Antalex has been providing to M-Video services of a development engineer and technical support engineer.

Kazan Station

  • - Video surveillance installation in a dedicated station area

Diesel Arena, Penza (Ice Palace)

  • - Acoustic system on the hockey pitch
  • - Press Centre multimedia systems

Moskvorechie Shopping Mall

  • - Design and implementation
  • - Installation and Start-Up
  • - Commissioning (installation) of alert system

Ministry of Sports and Tourism of Moscow

  • - Support of peripheral hardware
  • - Support of 1C software systems
  • - Design of coolers for server rooms

Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

  • - Set-up of a coordination centre

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

  • - Technical maintenance and support of specialized equipment used to amplify sound and display information


  • Компания Анталекс - AV Stumpfl
  • Компания Анталекс - AMX
  • Компания Анталекс - Atlas Sound
  • Компания Анталекс - beyerdynamic
  • Компания Анталекс - BIAMP Systems
  • Компания Анталекс - BOSCH
  • Компания Анталекс - CHIEF
  • Компания Анталекс - CISCO
  • Компания Анталекс - ClearOne
  • Компания Анталекс - CRESTRON
  • Компания Анталекс - Extron Electronics
  • Компания Анталекс - Gefen
  • Компания Анталекс - GSS
  • Компания Анталекс - Hyperline
  • Компания Анталекс - KRAMER
  • Компания Анталекс - Legrand
  • Компания Анталекс - LG
  • Компания Анталекс - LifeSize
  • Компания Анталекс - Panasonic
  • Компания Анталекс - Peerless
  • Компания Анталекс - PHILIPS
  • Компания Анталекс - Polycom
  • Компания Анталекс - Samsung
  • Компания Анталекс - SHURE
  • Компания Анталекс - AVAYA
  • Компания Анталекс - Teleste
  • Компания Анталекс - Toshiba
  • Компания Анталекс - tvONE
  • Компания Анталекс - RCF
  • Компания Анталекс - AUDAC
  • Компания Анталекс - WISI
  • Компания Анталекс - HDL
  • Компания Анталекс - ModulIT
  • Компания Анталекс - HP
  • Компания Анталекс - Microsoft
  • Компания Анталекс - Apple
  • Компания Анталекс - Mitsubishi Electric
  • Компания Анталекс - APC
  • Компания Анталекс - Lenovo


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